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Friday 19th September 2014

We headed out this morning to go to a geothermal beach, however upon arriving we discovered two things; firstly the water wasn't above fifteen degrees, and secondly, the place closed in twenty minutes. At this point we decided to go for a walk up to the Perlan, a group of hot water storage tanks with an observation deck, and grand hemispherical dome.

After trying to find / think of something else to do, we decided to go swimming, it's worth noting that even having gone white water rafting neither I nor Tanya can swim with much confidence. Fortunately the heated outdoor pool which we were in wasn't every deep at all. We played around in the pool for a while, had a few slides down the waterside, and then myself and Jenny headed over to the hot tub for a few hours.

Upon returning to the cabin we each ate a large, half-molten lump of vanilla ice cream, and while everyone else relaxed, I got frustrated as I was unable to top up the local pay-as-you sim card I had purchased earlier this week.

After about an hour after we started, the rules of blackjack were half-written on a sheet of paper, Jenny was already taking penalties for constantly flouting the rules, we all had some nice Icelandic beers, and helped Tanya complete her Ice Bucket Challenge before jumping in the hot tub.