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Sunday 14th September 2014

My alarm was set for six in the morning, however in my sleepy daze I turned off the alarm and rolled over. This lead to a mass rush around at seven-thirty to get ready, jump in the car to drive to the rafting centre.

Upon arrival we slithered into the wet suits, donned the life jackets, grabbed a paddle, and got into an old American school bus which took us down to the river a few miles away. During the hour in the water (some of the time inside the raft) we splashed, dived, jumped, and larked about. Really good fun, and surprisingly not too cold!

The river we were rafting down is fed by the Gullfoss Waterfall we visited the day before, and when the water flow is exceptionally high our guide told us the bridge over part of the river is susceptible to being washed away.

We then visited Kerio, a 55 meter deep crater formed 6,500 years ago which we walked down into. The bottom of the crater is below the water table, causing the water level to fluctuate with the water table.

On the way back towards Reykjavik the weather (as it had been in the morning) was not very pleasant, although it made for a nice view of the surrounding hills.