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Dog Sledding

Saturday 20th September 2014

We drove back down part of the South coast this morning, arriving at the only dog sledding centre in Iceland late in the morning, where we were pulled on a summer sled by twelve beautiful dogs.

My favorite by far was Brutus, who at six years old is getting on, but he can, I was told, easily pull 250kg on his own. It was funny when the musher who pilotted the sled, noticed individual dogs slacking off, he would call them by name, and they would start pulling on the lines again.

Just up the road from the dog sledding centre, was a lighthouse, the tallest structure in South Iceland, and of course past the lighthouse was a beach.

All day we were teased by clear skys and sunny weather, however despite very little cloud, by eleven pm I was getting doubtful that I would be able to take any further photos of the aurora borealis. And by midnight I decided to bring the stuff back inside to warm up, ready to pack it back in the camera bag.